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Limestone in the air (hereinafter referred to as lime) is a solid inorganic binder in the air, easy to use, low cost, simple to export. Raw materials for production are rocks rich in calcium carbonate carbonate such as coral, limestone, dolomite, with clay content not greater than 6%. In which the most commonly used is the solid rock.
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Limestone application in construction
Limestone has many applications in production and life because of its popularity and relatively cheap price. Here are some prominent uses of limestone:

+ Limestone is widely used in the construction industries, marble and is a constituent component of cement or lime production;

+ Limestone is used a lot in the paint industry, of which CaCO3 is considered the main filler. The fineness and the particle size distribution of calcium carbonate affect the whiteness of the coating process. In addition, limestone has high brightness, low oil absorption, good dispersion, and is very durable in the environment, low corrosion ability, stable pH stability, improving product corrosion resistance;

Limestone is used a lot in the paint industry, calcium carbonate contributes to increase the optical ability of the paint and the weight of the paint, in
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